Bumps in the Night und mehr…

Pagan Publishing bringt im Mai eine neue Szenario-Sammlung für Cthulhu heraus. Der Autor ist ein gewisser John H. Crowe III der Kultisten als Autor von Walker in the Wastes und Realm of Shadows bekannt sein dürfte. Zu dem neuen Szenario-Band namens Bumps in the Night gibt es ein paar Layout-Previews und noch einige weitere Infos auf der Homepage von Pagan Publishing:

Greeting Agents & Cultists,

In order to keep your attention riveted on us here at Pagan Publishing, I’m posting five sets of preview pages from our upcoming Classic Call of Cthulhu scenario antholog Bumps in the Night. Now, be warned: these pages will show you what our new layout looks like, and will reveal some of the art, but most importantly there are spoilers in these pages. If you don’t want spoilers, DONT download these pages. And if you do download them, don’t come whining to me that there were spoilers! Now, I will admit that one of these scenario previews contains misleading spoilers. So if your players do read these previews and act on the information they find, they will screw themselves. I leave it to those cheaters out there to find the land mine on their own.

As I’ve said before, all these scenarios were written by John H. Crowe III of Walker in the Waste and Realm of Shadows fame. All the scenarios are non-Cthulhu Mythos supernatural horrors. The cover is by Rick Sardinha. You can check out more of his artwork at http://www.battleduck.com. Interior art is by Heather Hudson, Samuel Araya and an artist new to Pagan, Rhonda Libbey.

So here are two pages from „The Westerfield Incident„, a monster hunt in the mountains of upstate New York. Guess what? All the stuff you thought was going to work? It won’t.

And here is a preview of „The Vengeful Dead.“ Title pretty much says it all. Get ready for some really angry walking corpses with a mission.

Bitter Venom of the Gods“ has got a damsel in distress, and evil cult, but not a Great Old One anywhere in sight. Don’t worry. You won’t miss them.

The Curse of the Screaming Skull“ is a good old fashioned ghost story… sort of.

An Unsettled Mind“ is another ghost story that turns extremely bloody extremely fast.

That’s all for now.

Be Seeing you,

A. Scott Glancy, President TCCorp, dba Pagan Publishng

Aber das ist noch nicht alles! Pagan Publishing hat einen vollen Terminplan für das Jahr 2009 (und darüber hinaus) mit einigen vielversprechenden Projekten:

Greeting Agents & Cultists,
I thought I would take the time to bring everyone up to speed on what’s happening with Pagan Publishing in 2009. Here are the projects that we have in the queue for 2009.

Bumps in the Night: collection of five new scenarios by John H. Crowe III. These scenarios break the mold in that the horrors players face are not drawn from the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. These terrors are drawn from folklore and mythology. Inside you will find vengeful revenants, hungry undead, Sumerian Demon-worshiping cults, malevolent mummies, and poltergeists haunting the body of a crippled girl. We expect it to come in at 192 pp softcover PAG1014 $29.95.

Delta Green: Countdown, Pagan Publishing’s Origins award winning supplement for the Delta Green line of Call of Cthulhu supplements will be reprinted this summer for the first time since 2001. The only difference between this edition and previous editions is that the fold out map of Club Apocalypse will be removed because it has been reprinted in Delta Green: Eyes Only. We anticipate keeping the price at $44.95.

Mysteries of the Old West: This is our next big project. Mysteries of the Old West is a sourcebook for playing Call of Cthulhu adventures on the American Frontier during the days of the Wild West. Six-guns and Shoggoths! In the next week we will begin fishing around for folks to contribute artwork and layout skills. We anticipate the price will be at least $39.95 Look for it around Halloween at the earliest.

The Unspeakable Oath: It is time for Pagan to dust off the Unspeakable Oath and get it back on track for a regular publication schedule. We’ve got enough material socked away for a couple of issues. Our intention is to keep the price below $10.00 and the page count around 32. Look for the first issue at GenCon 2009.

Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity will be published by Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing as a limited edition hardback. The print run will be sold by Arc Dream through pre-orders and direct mail order. Chaosium will also have a large number of the book (per our license agreement), and customers can order the book from them too.

The infamous „Vapor-ware“ product The Cult of Transcendence will be included in Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity.

Six months later, Pagan Publishing will produce a mass market trade paperback of Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity which will be available to distributors and via brick & mortar game stores. Since Delta Green:Targets of Opportunity is likely to be released just before GenCon in August 2009, it is likely that our mass-market edition will be our first product of 2010.

Speaking of 2010, look for Horrors of War, will be Pagan Publishing’s flagship book in our Horrors of War series. While future publications will concentrate on Call of Cthulhu scenarios set against the backdrop of wars from across time and around the globe, our first Horrors of War is a sourcebook and scenario anthology set during the Great War (1914-1918). Biplanes and Byahkee! If you want a preview of what these scenarios are going to be like, check out this recording that was made at GenCon 2008 when I play-tested „Dig for Victory“ on a group of unsuspecting victims.

There is a small chance that we will publish „The Last Flight of the L58,“ as a stand alone scenario. Set aboard a WWI German zeppelin on a long-range mission to Asia, I play tested this for the first time at GenCon 2007, and three times subsequently. It’s ready to go, with some editing, so we may remove it from the scenarios in Horrors of War (which is currently bursting at the seams with nine scenarios) and try and get it out in 2009 just to whet your appetites.

Other items to look for in 2010 will be the long awaited Post 9/11 update for the Delta Green campaign setting. Yes, we are working on it. More news to follow.

Be seeing you,
A. Scott Glancy, President TCCorp, dba Pagan Publishing

Mysteries of the Old West… WOW! Da freu ich mich schon jetzt drauf! Für Delta Green: Targets of Oppertunity muss man wohl am besten wieder ne Sammelbestellung aufgeben. 😉

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