After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam

Super Genius Games, einer der Cthulhu Lizenznehmer von Chaosium hat das Abenteuer After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam als PDF veröffentlicht. Eine gedruckte Version erscheint ebenfalls in Kürze. Dazu heisst es:

We had the great opportunity to work with the incredibly awesome Rick Dakan this year on a new line of Call of Cthulhu adventures. The After Lovecraft series uses one of the short stories written by Lovecraft as both the launching point for the adventure, and as an official handout in the game. The idea is that the events in the story happened, and now the PCs are picking up where the story left off days or years later with The Cold Case of Robert Suydam taking place 10 years after the events in The Horror at Redhook. From the back cover text:

Ten years ago, the sinister forces at work in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood coalesced in the events described in the short story: “The Horror at Red Hook.” The abductions, child sacrifices, and public downfall of the previously reclusive and well-respected Robert Suydam were big news at the time, but a decade later those demonic events are nearly forgotten. Only two living people know what really happened that night in Red Hook when devils and demons walked the Earth–an agoraphobic retired police detective named Malone and a very special young girl who wasn’t even born when the events took place.

Das Abenteuer enthält u.a. 4 vorgefertigte Charaktere sowie eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Geschehnisse aus The Horror at Red Hook und umfasst 76 Seiten.

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