The Story of Dagon

Von Boris Koch erhielt ich eine sehr interessante Nachricht zu einem Konzept-Album im Hörspiel-Stil, das am 31.10.09 veröffentlicht wurde. Das übermittelte Newsletter möchte ich niemanden vorenthalten. Es handelt sich dabei um die Lovecraft-Story „Dagon“. Das Hörspiel gibt es sowohl als kostenlosen Download, als auch als Buch mit CD (natürlich in deutscher Sprache). Nochmals vielen Dank an Boris! Und hier nun das „Goules-Letter“:

Dear friends, living or dead,

the new CULTES DES GOULES album has been released today! Since now you
are able to download the whole album for free.

Please visit:

If you prefer a physical release, you are invited to visit the Ghul
Shop at: and buy it. This time the release comes
as a book with 52 pages and the CD-R included. Inside the book you’ll
find the original story DAGON of H. P. Lovecraft and a translation of
it, done by Cy Ghul and his good friend Tim Eichhorn.

Illustrations are done by Seth Benneth, who is a rising star in the
world of underground metal releases. Thanks Seth! As usual,
photographs are taken by N. Michejew.

I have been working for this album for more than a year now. It’s in
the kind of a radioplay. It’s a bit unusual, since there a more
orchestral and depressing elements in it than rock basses. But I hope
you like this musical experiment as I do and are willing to follow me
this depressive path.

Please feel free what you think about this album and don’t be shy when
it comes to recommendations.

Here are some links to give away:


Till we meet again,
Cy Ghul

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