Arkham Now Szenario – Lost in a Book

Chaosium hat ein Szenario für das kürzlich erschienene Arkham Now auf ihrer Homepage veröffentlicht. Das Szenario Lost in a Book von Brian Courtemanche hat 16 Seiten und kann hier heruntergeladen werden, wenn man über ein Chaosium Konto verfügt. Hier aber noch etwas zum Inhalt des Szenarios:

„Lost in a Book“ — in the 1920s, affluent bibliophile Stuart Portman had the finest book collection in all of Arkham, including the several bookshops that serviced the town at the time.

Portman was also quite the degenerate, with many rapes to his credit. His wealth, family status, and natural cunning insulated Portman from the fallout of such despicable behavior.

Toward the end of his life – a lifelong smoker, Portman developed cancer of the lung in his late fifties – he began frantically searching for any means to prolong his existence. With so many crimes of the flesh attached to his soul, Portman in his final years developed a conscience, or at least was fanatically determined to put off any punishment for his sins that he so deftly avoided in his mortal existence.

Medical science of the day was no help – Portman was a goner. He turned to his collection of books, to the queer, strange books on black magic and occultism that he had merely collected as expensive novelties; now they might hold something of true value for the failing bibliophile.

Scenario by Brian Courtemanche . 16 pages. 8.5 x 11″ watermarked PDF.

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