Der Green Box Generator

Die Green Box als elementare Übergabestelle für Ausrüstungsgegenstände, Artefakte und Kuriositäten ist ein interessanter Aspekt des Delta Green-Settings. Delta Green-Zellen eröffnen an jedem Einsatzort eine Green Box und übersenden der A-Zelle die Zugangsmöglichkeiten (Schlüssel, Keycards, Codes, etc.). So kann Zelle A den Ort und den Zugang an andere Zellen weitergeben. Agenten können dort zum Beispiel gefundene Mythosbücher, übrig gebliebene Munition oder was auch immer sie als hilfreich erachten, deponieren und so nachfolgenden Teams zugänglich machen.

Der Inhalt einer Green Box ist jedes Mal eine Überraschung. Damit man sich als Spielleiter nicht immer den Kopf machen muß, was denn nun genau drin ist, gibt es den praktischen Green Box Generator (auf Englisch). Nahezu jeder so ermittelte Gegenstand hat eine eigene Geschichte zu erzählen und kann sogar als Aufhänger für ganze Abenteuer dienen. Manchmal fragt man sich auch: wofür zur Hölle haben die DAS benötigt??? Ein kleiner Auszug aus einer Beispiel-Green Box, die ich damit erstellt habe:

  • An old Boy Scout compass.
  • A collection of shoe boxes containing a complete collection of all three seasons of the television show „Friday the 13th“. A collection of spiral bound notebooks underneath the shoe boxes contains notes, written in a sprawling handwriting, critiquing each episode with regard to how realistic the threat was, and how well the characters handled it. The television show does not fare well versus the unknown author’s opinions.
  • A dusty 4’x3′ cork board with red pushpins holding various notes and black and white photographs connected by bright green pieces of string. In the center of the board is a photo of a main belt asteroid labeled 11322 Aquamarine. This appears to be the logistical reconstruction of supply chains from Terrestrial agents and sites to the asteroid. There’s no indication of what’s being shipped, only reconnoitered activities of the agents at the earth sites. The last noted activity was 23 March 1993 at an agricultural commune in Rantabe, Madagascar.
  • A copy of Alan Moore’s acclaimed Graphic Novel, the Watchmen. It shows heavy signs of wear from reading and use.
  • .22 LR Rimfire Model 2 Pen Pistol, not loaded
  • A cheaply produced bull-whip.
  • A well-worn USMC K-Bar combat knife in a black leather holster. The blueing on the blade is fading.
  • A wood handled icepick, long rusted and attached to a tied string and cardboard label reading: „11/22/1939, Evidence D“
  • A pool table, with two cues and a complete set of balls. Nothing special, no mythos, no evil. Still you should probably use it to screw with players.
  • A set of black and white photographs showing what appears to be the remnants of a derelict house. The house appears to have been crushed in the center. There are three photographs in the series, each showing a different side of the home. The home’s age cannot be determined because of the damage; however close inspection will reveal a partial view of a 1952 Buick in one corner of the second photo. Anyone who stares at the photos long enough will suffer from severe headaches, a strong metallic taste in their mouth and the name „Emily“ will flash momentarily into their mind. These effects last for a day and then dissapate.
  • A 36″x24″x3″ red velvet sheet cake with butter-pecan icing. A 3-D picture of the agents has been applied with red icing and micro nozzle applicators modded to a dot matrix printer.
  • Ten 36″x48″ acrylic-painted canvases that have been removed from their stretcher bars and loosely rolled up. The paintings depict blurry, fevered scenes and in bright colors, detailed map overlays of Kadath, Leng, and Carcosa.
  • A mummified human hand held upright by a brass tripod. Each finger is tipped by a small candle.
  • A aged 1970s film guide, with a strange occult symbol scrawled on the front, which would appear to be the Yellow Sign. Inside the book, sticky notes have been placed over the film descriptions and describe the films in a sinister and surreal way.
  • A jar full of a yellow milk like substance. It has a bio-hazard sign on it. This is the Milk of Shub-Niggurath. Drinking or even touching it should have interesting and perverse effects.

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