Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity Finales PDF veröffentlicht

Wie eben aus einer Mail von Shane Ivey zu erfahren war, ist das finale PDF von Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity jetzt für alle Vorbesteller verfügbar und die Daten sind beim Drucker.

Anbei die Original Mail (natürlich ohne den Download Link, sorry 🙂 ):

Thank you for pre-ordering DELTA GREEN: TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY.

As you probably know, we’re making the PDF of TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY available at no cost to people who order the hardback limited edition. I’m happy to now share with you the final version of the PDF. You can download it here:

Since we’re making this PDF available only to those of you who purchased the limited edition, we ask that you please don’t post the download link online or forward it to others without permission. We’re not requiring a password or registration, or making you jump through any other hoops for the download; we trust you as our customers and as fans of Delta Green. (If you bought multiple copies, or if you bought it on behalf of someone else, please forward this email to that person with our blessing.)

I’m pleased to report that TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY is now at press and we expect to be shipping it to you in June. I for one am very excited to finally see this book in print.

Thank you once again. We at Arc Dream Publishing and Pagan Publishing hope you enjoy DELTA GREEN: TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY, and we hope you’ll enjoy the projects that are coming soon for Delta Green. The apocalypse is just getting started.

Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing

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