Strange Aeons II

Chaosium bringt – völlig überraschend, habe ich doch noch Anfang der Woche die englischen Neuerscheinungen zusammengesammelt – einen Szenarioband heraus. Dominik war übrigens echt schnell mit der News und amel sogar noch schneller :-]

„The Great Old Ones were, the Great Old Ones are, the Great Old Ones shall be.” That famous saying is the essence of the Cthulhu Mythos. The Great Old Ones are a cosmic evil that have existed since before time, and shall exist long after humanity has gone the way of the dinosaurs. This book illustrates the eternal struggle between man and the forces of the mythos.

This book contains nine scenarios that run the chronological gambit from prehistoric times to a distant future. Each adventure comes with six pre-generated characters for the players to use, allowing for quick play with a minimum of fuss. While each scenario is meant to be a standalone experience. Here are brief descriptions of the nine eras the investigators explore:

“CURSED BE THE CITY” can be described as cavemen vs. Cthulhu. While not entirely accurate, it is fun to say, and gives an idea of what the players will be up against.

“CHILDREN OF A STARRY HEAVEN” is set in ancient Greece, the birthplace of many great philosophers and thinkers. Unfortunately some great minds dwell on things man was not meant to know.

“THEY DID NOT THINK IT TOO MANY” See the might of ancient Rome bring law to the wilds of Britannia. Witness two cultures trying to learn from each other. Behold the terrible awfulness of the Mythos and how even the mightiest empire of man is powerless before it.

“MASTER WU’S MARRIAGE” a lovely springtime wedding, surly nothing bad can happen here. Unless the wedding takes place in Call of Cthulhu, then all bets are off.

“THE IRON BANDED BOX” set in feudal Japan, it’s like what would of happened if Akira Kurosawa directed an adaptation of a H.P. Lovecraft story. Beautiful, strange, messy, and with swords!

“TO HELL OR CONNAUGHT” it’s Protestant vs. Catholic, English vs. Irish, and mankind vs. the Cthulhu Mythos with Saint Patrick thrown in for good measure. Who will win? The smart money is on the Mythos.

“A HARD ROAD TO TRAVEL” set in the American Civil War, this scenario chronicles the horrors of war where brother fights brother…and then everyone fights a cosmic horror beyond description.

“THREE DAYS OF PEACE, MUSIC, AND TENTACLE LOVE” Taking place at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 with sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and black magic. A terrifyingly trippy time is to be had by all.

“TIME AFTER TIME” is a fractured scenario for fractured minds. Here the investigators will think many things, only to find them all false. Identities, locations, adversaries, even correct eras are all anyone’s guess here.

For Spring 2010
MSRP $34.95
ISBN-10: 1-56882-326-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-326-3
240 pages

THE IRON BANDED BOX und TIME AFTER TIME klingen interessant, aber warten wir mal ab. Auf alle Fälle ist das Cover GRAUENVOLL *schüttel*

Arkham Now

Ich stelle gerade ein paar cthuloide Neuerscheinungen für die kommende CW zusammen und durchforsche die ganzen Lizenznehmer, als ich über die Homepage von Chaosium stolpere und siehe da: Es gibt wieder was Neues. Arkham Now:

ARKHAM NOW updates to modern times the famous and fabled city of Arkham, about which so much has been written by many talented and diverse hands. A conscious effort was made to make this book as timely as possible; rents, mortgages, salary rates, and the like are left purposely vague since these things change as years go by — this is no longer a city frozen in time, but yours to move into the future.

Most residents believe there is only one horror lurking in this legendary haunted town – the urban sprawl slowly eroding Arkham’s old New England beauty. Rushing by neon signs and mega-marts on a quest to obtain even more material possessions, no one has time to notice the more disturbing, underlying qualities of the city – the grotesque vegetation sprouting in some places, the sometimes odd taste from the reservoir’s drinking water, the disturbingly high rate of birth defects, the too frequent child abductions.

Those who begin to make inquires are usually scoffed at by citizens, rebuffed by local and state officials. The truly brave have continued to put the pieces together, posting their thoughts on the Internet. Many of these individuals drop off from cyberspace eventually – often due to the effects some of these discoveries can have on one’s mental health.

Though they would never admit it, many of the long time residents of Arkham know there is something not quite right about their town…

176 Pages plus a 17 x 22″ fold-out map of the city, MSRP $27.95

Sicherlich nett für NOW-Spieler in Neuengland. Vielleicht lohnt sich gar eine Übersetzung?

Zwei neue Monographien & Secrets of New Orleans

Wieder bringt Chaosium zwei neue Monographien heraus. Wie in den Jahren zuvor, wurde der beliebte Halloween-Wettbewerb veranstaltet und die Gewinner sind in der diesjährigen Halloween Monographie: Plan 9 from Halloween zu finden:

The festival came to town.

In previous years it was a joyful and cheery event. These attractions, however,  are outmoded and the infrastructure is old and neglected. A foul smell hangs in the air. The show consists of malformed people who disgust and frighten. Little joy is offered by the twisted clowns, and the barker’s outdated speaking-style and French-tinged accent strengthens a feeling of unease.

It is a dreadful show.

Just in time for your traditional Halloween Call of Cthulhu or Basic Roleplaying game, here are six Halloween-themed adventures — winners and honourable mentions of the 2009 Halloween Adventure Contest.

Flesh Festival

Adventure by Victor M. Aguirre. Flesh Festival is an adventure for CoC which takes place during the Roaring Twenties, in some place of New England. The Gamemaster may have to adjust the scenario to the requirements of his campaign; any town of Massachusetts should fit perfectly. The date of the adventure coincides with the arrival of Samhain, although the exact year is left to the Gamemaster design. We recommend the investigators to have some experience, although it is not essential for the adventure to be played.

You are What You Eat

Written by Jason Lindsey. This story is for a group of investigators who have just finished with an adventure or a major campaign. Rusty’s diner is off the beaten path and lets them get a chance to clean up and recover for a bit before they depart for their next adventure.

This is where the fun begins.

The Faculty Party

Written by Jon Hook. The Miskatonic University English Department is holding their annual Halloween party, and you have been cordially invited. The English Dept. party is unlike the kind of party found at the local speak-easy; their party is a series of dramatic readings covering some of the greatest authors of horror fiction. The party-goers meet in a smoke-filled room and debate the authors over snacks, coffee, English and Indian tea.

Conversations and smoke float through the air as the faculty and guests are having a good time, everyone except Prof. Janice Moor. Prof. Moor teaches French Romantic Lit and has been in a blue mood for several weeks now. Her friends and co-workers had hoped that the party would help cheer her up, but no amount of joy has succeeded in lifting her out of her dark depression. Everyone secretly wonders what is bothering her.

Halloween Nuit

Adventure by Oscar Rios. It’s a special time for Miskatonic University, as well all of Arkham. A collection of artifacts has just arrived from The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. The collection is on a North American tour, and is scheduled to remain in Arkham until January before moving on to the Field Museum of Natural History, in Chicago. Until then local students, academics, and visitors will have the opportunity see first-hand some of the wonders of ancient Egypt.

Must the Show Go On?

Written by Jason Williams. Arkham is in for a very special treat this Halloween when a magician from Boston, who bills himself as Garlock the Great, plans to give the performance of his life at the Manley Theatre located at 670 Gedney Street. Rumors and newspaper stories precede his arrival with tales about his years spent learning secrets at the feet of the guru’s of Nepal. Excitement has built and the one night only show has sold out.

The Dead School

Written by Paul Hebron. October brings nothing but gloom and rain to the Temple Hill Private School, situated out in the Massachusetts woods. It is an exclusive home to the sons of the state’s wealthiest families, and its teachers provide a quality education—especially since George Edgerton came to be principal of the prestigious prep school. Edgerton has allowed, for the first time in the school’s history, a Halloween party to be held for all the staff and students to enjoy—except for the investigators whom have find themselves in detention. Day-dreaming of the fun they might have had, while waiting for the party to end, the investigators are suddenly brought back to earth by the sound of screams; and then they all black out. When they wake, they find a strange new land of death and voodoo!

By winners of the 2009 Chaosium Halloween Adventure contest. 80 pages. 8.25 x 11″ Perfect-Bound, Paperback.
Price: $14.95 (US) Print, $10.95 (US) PDF

Und dann haben wir noch eine weitere Veröffentlichung: Five Go Mad in Egypt

Investigating the Sphinx Tomb

A survivor of the Great War, the Professor suffered a horrible shock a month ago — his father was killed, and he was injured and is slow to heal. He gathers a team to investigate the legendary Sphinx Tomb, seeking those with expertise in security or weapons, or interest in the occult or ancient religions.

Purchase of this monograph entitles you to also download an extensive collection of player handouts.

Price: $25.95 (US) Print, $17.95 (US) PDF

Bestellen kann man bei Chaosium (hier und hier) und die Info hab ich bei gefunden :-]

Und wie ich gerade hier lese: Die Neuauflage von Secrets of New Orleans dürfte auch verfügbar sein:

BIG-EASY SECRETS— The strange goings-on of Mythos agents residing in and around the city of New Orleans are exposed in SECRETS OF NEW ORLEANS. Long-time Call of Cthulhu fans should note that this is a new edition of our guide to the city, long out of print.

Da ich die alte Ausgabe nicht habe und auch nicht kenne, werde ich mir das Buch wohl auf der SPIEL kaufen. Dann wird sich zeigen ob es was taugt. Vom Setting her gefällt mir New Orleans nämlich sehr gut. Hier noch ein paar Worte zum Inhalt:

A 1920’s Sourcebook to the Crescent City

NEW ORLEANS IN THE 1920s is a city of many faces. The gaiety of Mardi Gras is juxtaposed with the rampant corruption that earned New Orleans the nickname “The City That Care Forgot.” The genteel decline of the French Quarter, the location of the city’s original settlement, stands in contrast to the rich opulence of the Garden District, where the Americans later built their mansions. Voodoo and Catholicism exist peacefully side by side. And beneath it all, the face of the Mythos can sometimes be glimpsed . . . .

This guidebook includes detailed chapters on: the history of New Orleans, the French Quarter and the greater city, and the bayous and coastal area. A chapter on voodoo includes guidelines for integrating it into Call of Cthulhu. New occupations unique to the Crescent City and the area are suggested, and five secret societies are covered. A scenario designed to acquaint investigators with most of New Orleans’ areas completes the book.

By Fred Van Lente; Illustrated by Earl Geier and M. Wayne Miller; Cover by Scott Baxa. 96 pages, illustrated, indexed. 8.5 x 11″ perfectbound paperback.

So, das waren die News von Chaosium. Jetzt geht es wieder zurück an die Arbeit :-]

Cthulhu Invictus & New Orleans

Die Klausurrunde läßt mich einfach nicht los. Da bleibt wenig Zeit für die Blog-Pflege, darum nur was kurzes heute, was auch nicht mehr ganz so frisch ist: Chaosium veröffentlicht demnächst (Late Summer) ein Quellenbuch names Cthulhu Invictus:


All roads lead to Rome, the greatest city of the Ancient World. Anything you desire is available in this city of over a million people. It’s all here: goods from far off Parthia; pottery from Brittania; food from Egypt; vile tomes from Syria; and murderous cults from Africa. The mighty Empire is pressed on all sides by foes, both mundane and otherworldly. Forces within the Empire itself are growing in power, drawing on the most ancient of horrors to corrupt it from within. Welcome to Rome.

Cthulhu Invictus is a new setting for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG. Players take on the roles of Roman citizens seeking to protect the Empire from the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos and ancient myth. Cthulhu Invictus includes an adventure to jump start your Roman campaign, a large fold out map of the Roman empire, 41 creatures and entities from folklore and ancient mythology, 12 new cults, 21 new occupations, and much more. Requires the Call of Cthulhu rulebook for play.

Price $26.95
168 pages
Includes a 15 x 22 inch map of the Roman Empire
Written by Chad Bowser, Andi Newton, & friends
Edited by Jeff Tidball
Cover Art by Steven Gilberts

Cthulhu in der Antike, noch dazu im dekadenten Rom klingt verlockend für eine Mini-Kampagne. Allerdings glaube ich, dass dieses Buch der Monographie Cthulhu Invictus entspricht (siehe Review bei Aber vielleicht bekommt das Buch ein anständiges Lektorat, eine gute Bindung und noch ein paar hübsche Bilder spendiert und man kann es anschließend beruhigt kaufen. Das Setting finde ich jedenfalls interessant. Seit ich ROM gesehen habe und Vampire: Requiem for Rome gelesen habe ergibt sich auch ein düsteres, plastisches Bild vor Augen. Noch immer spukt mir eine römische Szenarioidee durch den Kopf, aber im Moment ist einfach viel zu tun…

Neben Cthulhu Invictus wird im September noch Secrets of New Orleans erscheinen:

New Orleans is a city of many faces. The gaiety of Mardi Gras is juxtaposed with the rampant corruption that earned it the nickname „The City That Care Forgot.“ The genteel decline of the French Quarter, the location of the city’s original settlement, stands in contrast to the rich opulence of the Garden District, where the Americans later built their mansions. Voodoo and Catholicism exist side by side. Behind it’s shining mask the leering visage of the Mythos can be found.

This guidebook includes detailed chapters on the history of New Orleans, the French Quarter and the greater city, and the bayous and coastal regions. A chapter on voodoo includes guidelines for integrating it into Call of Cthulhu. New occupations unique to the Crescent City and surroundings are suggested, and five secret societies are included. An adventure provides a starting point for your explorations of The Secrets of New Orleans.

Price $16.95
96 pages
Written by Fred Van Lente

Mit 96 Seiten ist es ganz sicher zu dünn 😉 Als ich vor ca. einem Jahr Fiebertraum (auch bekannt als Dead Man River) von George R.R. Martin (er schreibt noch immer am besten Fantasyepos überhaupt: Das Lied von Eis und Feuer) gelesen habe, da quoll einem der Gestank des verschlammten Mississippi nur so entgegen (also eine ganz klare Leseempfehlung!!!). New Orleans als verruchtes Setting im heißen Süden der USA ist ganz sicher ein gefährliches Pflaster für allzu neugierige Investigatoren. Außerdem spielt in New Orleans noch ein ziemlich genialer Film mit Mickey Rourke & Robert De Niro… Angel Heart!

Chaosium News – April 2009

Neuigkeiten von Chaosium:

Happy Spring!

The big news this month is that we have a book at the printer. Terrors from Beyond is a collection of six Call of Cthulhu adventures set in the 1920s and 1930s. While it’s possible the book will show up in late April, expect to find it at you local game shop by the end of May.

The next book to be printed should be the Robert Bloch collection Mysteries of the Worm 3rd edition.

Two Contests

We’re holding two Adventure contests this summer. Our Annual Halloween Adventure Contest is starting a little earlier this year. With any luck we can have the resulting monograph available well in time for your Halloween gaming. Deadline for entries is August 1st 2009. Our second BRP Adventure Contest has a July 1st 2009 deadline. For more details about both contests visit us at

Chaosium Gazette

We have a one-page newsletter available for your propaganda needs. Print a handful and take them to your local gaming convention if you can. Be sure to bring one to your next game session as well. Thank you in advance for sacrificing some print toner for the cause!

Imminent Releases

MayTerrors from Beyond. A new collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures.

JuneMysteries of the Worm 3rd edition. A collection of Robert Bloch Cthulhu Mythos tales.

JulyCthulhu’s Dark Cults. A new anthology of Call of Cthulhu short stories.

Upcoming Summer Conventions

We’re planning to attend several conventions this summer: Tentacles (Germany) and KublaCon (CA) in late May; Origins (OH) in June; Gen Con (IN) in August. We’ll likely have exhibitor booths at each, but that will largely depend upon cash flow later in the year. If we’ve been publishing books, we’ll likely have booths!

Hier mal ein paar Infos zu dem Szenarioband, direkt von der Homepage:

Terrors From Beyond

Nightmare Unraveled, In Six Scenarios

ISBN 1-56882-287-1
ISBN13 978-1-56882-287-7
Price $25.95
Page count 208
Trade paperback, Illustrated.
Cover Art by Rick Sardinha

Terrors From Beyond is a collection of 1920’s adventures For Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu, designed for play with pre-generated characters. The book provides fine opportunities for an impromptu game or tournament play and – because the characters are intimately connected with the plot – roleplaying challenges not normally available in most published material. An excellent adventure collection for new and veteran Call of Cthulhu players alike.

GHOST LIGHT – Gary Sumpter
The keepers of a remote Scottish lighthouse have vanished. What fate awaits those who come to investigate the disappearances?

GRAVE SECRETS – Brian Courtemanche
The people of Stafford, Rhode Island, live much the same as their colonial forbears, making only gradual concessions to the encroaching tread of progress. Now, a fate both formless and awful has befallen a family in town. One by one, the children succumb to a newly arrived yet ancient menace.

THE DIG – Brian Sammons
Miskatonic University students on an excavation at nearby Dunlow Woods uncover ancient secrets, murder and horrors from the past.

The investigators have been committed to a private asylum. Are they really insane? Is their impending cure now worse than their derangements?

Evidence suggests that Charles Stanhope was killed by the accidental discharge of a faulty shotgun at his home in the Lincolnshire Fens. The Coroner’s verdict is death by misadventure – but is there a suggestion of something far more sinister?

The investigators recover in a US Military hospital in Haiti suffering from ongoing and prolonged blackouts. The last seven days of their lives have vanished from their minds. Can they not remember, or can’t they bear to?

Chaosium News

Neuigkeiten aus dem Hause Chaosium gibt es wieder im neuen R’lyeh Report:

Happy Spring!

Spring & Summer Releases

Here is my best guess as to what Chaosium will release over the next four months.

May – Terrors from Beyond. A new collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures.

June – Mysteries of the Worm 3rd edition. A collection of Robert Bloch Cthulhu Mythos tales.

July – Cthulhu’s Dark Cults. A new anthology of Call of Cthulhu short stories.

We have other titles in the works of course, including Interplanetary for BRP, Pulp Cthulhu, Voodoo Virus, R’lyeh Rising, and Blackmoore Global Laboratories. These titles will likely release late in 2009. There are other manuscripts being worked upon as well. I’ll be happy to mention them once they are being laid out for printing.

Upcoming Summer Conventions

We’re planning to attend several conventions this summer: Tentacles (Germany) and KublaCon (CA) in late May; Origins (OH) in June; Gen Con (IN) in August. We’ll likely have exhibitor booths at each, but that will largely depend upon cash flow later in the year. If we’ve been publishing books, we’ll likely have booths!

As always, thank you for your continued support!

The Chaosium

Zusätzlich gibt es noch eine neue PDF-Monografie mit dem Titel Jovian Nightmares:

A Sourcebook for Cthulhu Rising – Call of Cthulhu roleplaying in the 23rd Century

By the late 23rd century, the gas giant Jupiter and its sprawling system of rings and moons is home to a colonial population of millions.

Over the century and a half since the colonisation of the outer planets began in earnest, an aggregation of settlements and outposts have developed to mine the raw materials which drive the economy upon which the United Earth Federation depends. The types of settlements found in the region are varied, ranging from the subterranean conurbations at the top of Europa’s oceans to the harsh mining towns of Io; from the Callisto orbitals to the countless corporate research outposts.

Despite its location in the most densely populated and heavily-policed star system in the United Earth Federation, Circum-Jove remains a fertile breeding ground for a multitude of subcultures, outlaws and weird religious cults. It’s also a hotbed of new technologies research and home to corporate infighting at its worst.

Humanity is not the first star-faring culture to have visited this region. There are beings far older than Man. Ancient, malign beings that would be described in human terms as pure evil, but for whom such a label is meaningless. Here, they wait. Beneath aeons old ice and rock. In the dark spaces between the stars. Waiting for when the time is right.

Some nightmares are very real. Jovian Nightmares.


# Introduction
# About Jovian Nightmares
# About Cthulhu Rising
# Acknowledgements
# Dying in a Winter Wonderland
# Circum-Jove: History
# Jupiter
# Io
# Europa
# Ganymede
# Callisto
# Other Locations
# Organisations
# Jovian Investigations
# Jovian Secrets
# Cut Back Blues
# Escape Velocity
# Adventure Seeds
# Glossary

By John Ossaway. 90 pages.
Price: $11.95 (US) PDF