An Alien Kicked Sand in My Face oder The Beach Girls and the Monster

Yeh Yeh Yeh! This one will kill you!
– The Beach Girls and the Monster

Wer den Szenarioband Blood Brothers II besitzt, wird sich vielleicht an die B-Movie-Story schlechthin erinnern: An Alien Kicked Sand in My Face. Hier erleben ein paar coole Surfertypen mit heißen Bikini-Mädchen ziemlich verrückte Abenteuer, nachdem ein UFO ins Meer gestürzt ist. Für alle die mit dem Surfer-Horror-Genre so gar nichts anfangen können, hier mal ein Trailer:

Ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass der Autor des Szenarios diesen Film gesehen hat ;-]

MULA – Mysteries of the Raj

Am 25.06.2010 erscheint eine neue Monografie bei Chaosium: Mysteries of the Raj.

The holdings of the British Empire included present day Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, and parts of Iran and Afghanistan. It was an area comparable in size to the continental United States, or Europe west of the Ukraine.

The historical background and religious traditions of the Indian subcontinent rival those of other regions such as the Middle East and China. Humankind has lived and worshipped here for millennia. India is a fertile place, and there is much room for the Mythos to fester and grow.

This book is designed to provide enough information to set Call of Cthulhu adventures and campaigns during Gaslight India (approximately 1890 a.d.).

By Michael J. Daumen. 100 pages. 8.5 x 11″ Perfect-Bound, Paperback.

Die Monografie wird $ 17,95 kosten. Wer keine gedruckte Version braucht, kann sich das PDF bereits jetzt für $12,95 herunterladen.

Mich würde mal interessieren ob sich das Teil lohnt. Das Thema ist ja sehr interessant (wir hatten ja selbst schon ein paar Artikel zum Thema Indien), aber vielleicht ist man mit einem guten Geschichtsbuch über die Region besser bedient…

Neues von Chaosium im März

Und wenn ich schon gerade dabei bin, hier schnell die News von Chaosium:

Transmitted by Dustin Wright of the Leng Embassy, TX.

This R’lyeh Report contains some crunchy Chaosium info.

March finds Chaosium with fancy plans and pants to match. We have quite a few Spring books in the works so I’ll jump right in.

Arkham Now, a modern day sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, should have made it to you local shop by now.

Strange Aeons II, a book of Call of Cthulhu adventures through time and space, is at the printer and may ship to distributors by the end of March.

The Yith Cycle, an anthology of Yith related tales collected by Bob Price, should be sent to the printer this month for an April Release.

A Masks of Nyarlathotep reprint will likewise become available in April or May.

The Chronicles of Future Earth, an introductory sourcebook for a new Techno-fantasy BRP setting should release in May or June.

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults, an anthology of short stories based upon some of our popular Call of Cthulhu campaigns, is being proof-read for a release this June.

There are plenty of books in the works for the Summer as well. 🙂

Thanks for your continued support!

Dustin Wright
Chaosium Inc.

Nicht viel Neues würde ich sagen :-]

Arkham Now Szenario – Lost in a Book

Chaosium hat ein Szenario für das kürzlich erschienene Arkham Now auf ihrer Homepage veröffentlicht. Das Szenario Lost in a Book von Brian Courtemanche hat 16 Seiten und kann hier heruntergeladen werden, wenn man über ein Chaosium Konto verfügt. Hier aber noch etwas zum Inhalt des Szenarios:

„Lost in a Book“ — in the 1920s, affluent bibliophile Stuart Portman had the finest book collection in all of Arkham, including the several bookshops that serviced the town at the time.

Portman was also quite the degenerate, with many rapes to his credit. His wealth, family status, and natural cunning insulated Portman from the fallout of such despicable behavior.

Toward the end of his life – a lifelong smoker, Portman developed cancer of the lung in his late fifties – he began frantically searching for any means to prolong his existence. With so many crimes of the flesh attached to his soul, Portman in his final years developed a conscience, or at least was fanatically determined to put off any punishment for his sins that he so deftly avoided in his mortal existence.

Medical science of the day was no help – Portman was a goner. He turned to his collection of books, to the queer, strange books on black magic and occultism that he had merely collected as expensive novelties; now they might hold something of true value for the failing bibliophile.

Scenario by Brian Courtemanche . 16 pages. 8.5 x 11″ watermarked PDF.